Of Silence & Consent

There’s this idiom I read that really made me reflect deeply. It says, “Silence means consent.”, which means that if you do not object to a certain thing, it is assumed that you support it.

Although not entirely factual, I guess that humans really have a way to interpret one’s stand on something. It is how humans assume incorrectly on others’ stance or opinion. It is a concept of social interaction that just assumes the lack of response as tacit approval.

Similarly, as a kid, I’ve always heard some friends tease each other with “Silence means yes!”, especially when other kids get questioned by things they don’t want to answer. No matter how childish the questions may seem, the “Silence means yes!” thinking grew with some people.


Silence ≠ Consent


Silence does not equate to consent, approval, or affirmation. It must be respected as what it is, just silence. This fact has an exception when one’s silence becomes complicit, but that’s another story.

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