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More than two months ago, I officially grew a year older.

Nothing really grand happened that day. It was just a day of knowing I’m up another level.

I knew that I might be in the swing of things at that point, or I might be wrong.

There are a lot of moments where I thought I lost my way to wherever I want to be, and most of the time, I was right. It really wasn’t where I wanted to be that mattered but where I needed to be.

The overflowing thought of what seems to be coming still scares me. But before that certain day of stepping up another level came, I got drenched in the rain getting lost in a place I’ve never been. But I found my way out to people who mattered, midnight singing to me as a celebration of my existence.

I found my way home.


Then it hit me.

Maybe it’s the same with our own journeys in life. How we never really know what’s next and how to deal with that certain fear of getting lost.

In the end, when we suck it up and gather all the courage, we’ll be able to get out of the rut and be where we’re needed to be.

On that night of getting lost in the rain, I just kept on walking. Deciding that nothing really good comes out of waiting.


The past few months of this year made me realise that I’ll never be the same kid ever again.

Maybe not even a kid anymore.

Someone once told me to never lose the kid inside. I know I won’t. But when the world comes crashing down, you have no choice but to toughen up and maybe even lose the childish charm that everyone once loved.

Here’s to leaving that kid behind, although not forgetting him and how he made people extremely happy with his presence, but to leaving him for in pursuance of growth.

Looking back on all those months of hardships, all I can see right now is the progression.

Maybe this is what this year is all about anyway. Some sort of progression.

An abundance of growth.

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