Today, also considered “tonight” here in the PH, I was accompanied by friends while working.


Just imagine the situation if you can. The thing is, everyone is currently drunk at this moment. And here I am, doing my best to work and drink as much as I could to follow through.

If you are reading this, I would like to ask you to skip your judgment and your bias. I am writing this without control, as what I usually do.


I am the last man standing, when it comes to alcohol, so to speak.


There’s a certain entity in the Universe that we cannot fathom. Some call it the soul, some call it the Feeling. I believe there is strength in both.


The soul is what keeps us free from captivity in the cage that we call home. It is affirmative, that at some point, certainties make our home become cages that we’d tolerate suffering.


But the Feeling differentiates in all that.


Feelings are adamant, at some point. These are also irrelevant, when sober. Yet, all these Feelings sum up what is in our Hearts. That’s an uppercase “H”, mind you.


Feelings, such a belief or known as an irrational being, are emotional states or commonly known as reactions. But I strongly believe that Feelings are just one of the awesome creation that makes us human.


Without these, we can be compared to objects that wander around human beings. I do not want to be rendered as the latter, not even when I’m sober.


So here I am, being uncomfortably restless as I can. Hoping that there’s a day where everything can make sense.


But tonight, let’s be sleepy and happy.


That’s all there ever was.

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