My dearest M,

Looking back at the moments of our lives, it’s safe to say that we have been through a lot, even though some people may say that we just knew each other for a couple of years.


I met you at a busy and progressive time in my life. We were both working, me with my script and you with the coffee. You instantly captured my attention and I’ve been meaning to talk to you and introduce myself, which I do not know if I can pull off. Eventually, you were out on a break and our souls met. The rest is history.

Sometimes, I ask the Universe why our souls collided at a busy time. I ask, “Why didn’t we bump into each other when we were younger and more reckless?” But I cannot complain, the timing was perfect. We both matured into people that we struggled to be years ago. We met during our progression, and I guess, the Universe let us collide to grow even more.

Old friends got jealous of me hanging out with you. I’ve heard them ask others how can I easily trust someone I just met, lest, hang-out with a destructive person. You knowing me, I laughed it off before I ranted. It’s a fact that my old friends knew you longer than I did, but they didn’t see you like I do.

You told me stories about your best friend, Michi. I saw it in your eyes how much you value this person. You showed me photos of her as we listened to the music the waves make. I know you don’t appreciate this gift, but I saw your capability to love another person. From then on, I realised that I want to keep you in my life permanently.

We live in a small city, which means that almost everyone knows each other. This is not an advantage for us because we are the weirdos, the strangest, the oddball, or what they don’t want to call us, the artists. We can socialise, that’s true, but we decided that wasting our precious energy on people who really don’t matter is not our thing.

I remember looking for pink balloons and white roses for your birthday. It was such a hassle since I have not bought flowers for someone in such a long time, but I made it work. Seeing you smile that day was enough.



Fast forward to this day, I never expected you to be my co-writer for a film I talked to you about. The feeling is overwhelming, but I guess that’s the reward for all the years of struggling.


Please know that I am grateful for what you do, not only for me but to all of the people you love. I know that you have the emotional range of a teaspoon, but that makes me even love you more.


Thank you for staying when people left. Thank you for deciding to keep me in your life. I cherish these memories we made and I am stoked for the memories we will make.

Today is the day we celebrate life like we do every single day. Today, we celebrate your existence.

Here’s to the kids who thought they cannot get out of their own personal hellhole.

I know we are miles away but distance is just that, distance. Let’s visit the beach again when you come back.

I love you and the family we made amidst friendships.

To M - 6.png

Happiest birthday, M.

Much love,


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